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Analyze your performance in a more effective manner
Easily monitor and analyze all performances simultaneously for different department in terms of productivity and adherence to the SOP.
Obtain Quality Information & Data
The software will allow you to be able to have data and information that has been rigorously analyzed by our software in which would give you the idea for improvements  
Collaborate With Your Colleagues
Don’t analyses on your own, easily collaborated with other employees in coming up with the right solution to enhance your business growth and solve productivity issues  

Data Driven Organization
Pass the hurdle where decision was made based in emotions and etc. Now all decisions will be made by computed analyses which would enable your company to grow more
Affordable Solution Based On Size
Our solution is very affordable and is tailored to suit your organization requirements including size.  
Make The Best Decision
Don’t make a decision ever again without supporting information. Now you can make decisions for improvement of the company based on facts  
S E R V I C E S  &  P R I C I N G


  1. What is Visionin1ne?
    Visionin1ne is a software that I used to analyses the production of all employees or certain departments. This would allow any company to have more data metrics on what is effective in planning their next steps.

  2. How does it work?
    The visionin1ne system is connected to you in house cameras so that all videos that are published to the system and run through our online analysis engine. Then a final analysis of the system is generated with all data to show.

  3. Is there a warranty?
    visionin1ne system is created based on a SaaS model thus this there is no additional software or solution that you will need for using this system.
    In view that payments are monthly or annually thus all maintainers are covered by regular manaintence
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